• We had a serious water leak in our house that caused severe damage. Our Insurers told us to find tradesmen, send the estimates for approval and get the work done. At which point, they would pay us and we would pay the tradesmen. We did not know any tradesmen and we had seen so many horror stories on TV, we did not know who to trust. We asked our Insurers for advice but they could not help us. "Try the Yellow Pages" they said. My worry was that if we ended up with a cowboy builder, we would have no redress with our Insurers. We looked on Yell.com and found "Concept Solutions", checked out the website and it seemed big enough to trust. The reality is even more than we could have hoped for. Concept Solutions are like a Loss Adjuster who work for you "The Client" not "the Insurers". Alan Howell came to see us and we were instantly reassured. I personally felt the weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Alan came to our home, assessed the work to be done, took photographs and contacted the insurance company. Then he arranged to see the Insurers loss adjuster and they agreed all the works to be done. Alan handled everything from there onward, arranged the estimates, supplies, builder, plumber, plasterer and decorator. All I had to do was sit back and watch these excellent professionals put my house back together. And they were indeed excellent. Neil was a true tradesman, rebuilding, plastering, tiling anything that needed to be done he did to a very high standard. Matt, the decorator did an amazing job on our hall and stairs. it was a tricky wallpapering job with lots of doors, nooks and crannies. Now, I have beautifully matched wallpaper everywhere. My Insurers paid up promptly, I paid Concept, they paid the workforce. Everybody is HAPPY! Christina Emery

    Christina Emery
  • Very recently Alan and I have worked together on a very complex insurance claim. For a job that I would have walked away from, due to the unbearable communications from the loss adjuster, he has helped me understand the insurance world, and taken a lot of stress away from our client. If you have an insurance claim in your home I highly recommend that you engage Alan to sort through the frustrations of the claims procedure and get your home back to where it should be. It has been a pleasure working with you. Dan Hall

    Dan Hall
  • I had 3 escapes of water after a new boiler was installed, this resulted in a soaked carpet and broken radiator in one room, water coming through 3 ceilings and down several walls. All in all practically the whole house needed drying out and redecorating. As a busy mum and business owner I didn't have the time or energy to go into battle with my insurance company, source reliable tradesman and be at home to deal with them. Alan took all of this away from me. I didn't have to do anything apart from make the call to Alan. The house was dried out, the decorators were found, the insurance company dealt with and I just continued on with my day to day life. I cannot recommend Alan and Concept Building Solutions highly enough. In fact, I have recommended them to one of my partners clients and they were so thrilled that they gave him more work and even bought us a thank you present. Sue Penney

    Sue Penney
  • Hi Alan, Thanks again for your help - I'm really hoping it will be for the last time, but the service you offer has been truly excellent and second to none, so if anything does go wrong again I know where to turn! Best wishes, Alastair

    Alastair Moore
  • Finally can I thank you again for all the hard work and effective management which you put into pursuing our claim and in dealing with the repairs. I'm sure I speak for Isabella too when I say that we are very pleased that you managed to get such an improved offer out of the insurers and for ensuring that the work to both our properties was done effectively, efficiently and cleanly. With my renewed thanks and all good wishes, Alan

    Alan Drake
  • I cannot thank Alan and his team enough for the service and assistance given during a very difficult period where what we thought was an innocuous leak turned out to be major damage to our family house. Earlier this year we noticed damp patches on the kitchen ceiling and towards the back of our dining room, over a couple of weeks from the kitchen we noticed water drops coming through when the power shower was on. There was no evidence of leakage from the bathroom, but it was clear we needed to get it sorted. We contacted our insurers who were very helpful and following sending pictures we got authorisation to get a special non intrusive scan to detect the leak, this scan on average costs approx £400. In this time about 4-6 weeks had elapsed and it was getting worse. The scan showed a major leak on the hot water pipe which was in the wall feeding the shower unit. The insurer authorised repair but what was clear from the scan was that we were talking major work in our bathroom to get to the pipe I.e. Tiles off, bath off etc, it was going to be actually worse than this. Now insurance companies don't advise how to go about this sort of repair, how to project manage it, how to identify the skills and tradesmen you need and how to get all of that working together, also because my wife and I were in full time employment, I worked away a considerable amount of time up to 3 days a week, we started to see a challenging time ahead. We started searching online to see how to go about this and came across concept building solutions, a close friend who had a recent water damage claim told us they were brilliant and to make sure if we talked to them to get Alan. We booked an appointment, Alan came around, he had a look at the damage, we explained where we were in the claims process and what our worries were, his initial assessment was that it was actually a lot worse than it looked and he also did a damp test showing the wall separating bathroom and bedroom and separating kitchen and dining room was now in a really bad sodden damp state. He explained the process and how the service worked and asked us to think about it. 2 days later we asked Alan back and signed up, Alan would effectively act as our PM and facilitator with our insurer. I can't speak highly enough of Alan, his work with our insurance company and the different teams involved repairing our house back to good as new. We had fitters, plumbers, electricians, there was an almighty hiccup when during the damage assessment on the downstairs ceiling Alan found asbestos and also sub standard wiring for the original lighting for the bathroom and kitchen. Alan was very clear and advised there was work we required that would be covered by our claim and work that would not and he kept the non claim work separate and I paid for that separately, what it demonstrated for me was the thoroughness and transparency to a) do a quality job and b) to highlight any issues found during the investigations and subsequent repair works, Alan and his team wanted everything just so. We had several visits from the insurers assessors and we would meet all together, Alan would take them through step by step what was found and what was caused by the leak. It was clear there was a very professional and collaborative relationship here. Due to the repair works the house could not be occupied for over 2 months, as a result alternative local accommodation was provided as not to interrupt too much school and work. Finally all the work was completed, Alan still checks from time to time that everything is OK. I guess for us, when we talk about what happened to us this year, we don't know how we would have managed this scale of work and management on top of our daily lives, it was huge, there's not a lot of information out there on how to go about managing a claim like this, it was our 1st insurance claim of this size, hopefully never again! We needed the help and we are so grateful for it. This is where Alan is so brilliant, if you are ever unfortunate to be in this situation, speak to this guy. Ali Khamis

    Ali Khamis
  • I must say I'm credibly impressed with your work and service !
    And will be recommending where ever I can !
    Oliver Rawlings

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