The claims concierge company

delivering personalised buildings and contents claim support services

to home owners and businesses throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire who are going through a building insurance claim and our mission is to ease the pain of their property claim

Our Services

Concierge agent
Claim Concierge

We provide a personal claim support service to help you with all aspects of your claim from initial mitigation and validation through to restoration.

We negotiate a complete scope of repairs and fair settlement on your behalf with your insurance company representative and so reducing much of the stress and hassle.

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Mitigation Service

We can take care of mitigation services by introducing the experts and professionals to help mitigate further damage and so reducing the impact of a claim event to you, your family, your property, or your business.



Restoration Service

Once our schedule is approved, we can then introduce the suppliers, experts, and trades to get your property fully reinstated as soon as possible.




Our Processes


Survey & Scope

We survey your property to identify the detectable damage and proximate cause and provide a report including details of recommended mitigation and reinstatement work.

Negotiate & Agree

We negotiate with you, your insurer and their surveyor or loss adjuster to agree a complete scope of repairs and fair settlement.



Plan & organise

We plan with you and our approved suppliers, experts and trades to develop project requirements and delivery schedules and then project manage everything through to completion.

Monitor & Signoff

We continue to monitor progress of all agreed works through to completion and final signoff with customer satisfaction note.


Could you manage your claim?


Would you really have the time and expertise to effectively prepare and manage a property insurance claim? If like many people, you are already very busy and the answer is likely to be no and so you face the very real risk of missing items that you could be entitled to under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, as well as the possibility that your claim may be incorrectly rejected by your insurer.

When making a claim, your insurer may ask you to get quotes for all works, but do you know any experts and trades you trust will know exactly what needs to be done in this situation? Is it even fair that you are given this responsibility to vet and select experts and trades? Getting this wrong could likely see you suffering undesirable consequences.

Your insurer may also appoint a surveyor or loss adjuster to act on their behalf who will visit your property to assess the damage and report back to insurer. The survey may be limited given the lack of time and equipment available during their visit, which may lead to insufficient investigation with incorrect assumptions being made that could very easily result in an under scoped or worse still, repudiated claim.

It is not the responsibility of your insurer or their loss adjuster to fully substantiate and present your claim, but they may use any findings to reject it.

A loss adjuster is appointed by and works for your insurer.  A loss assessor works for you and helps to protect your interests during the claim, which is why we suggest using someone like us working on your side to protect your interest during such a stressful time?