Our Processes


Many people only suffer a single major insurance claim in their lifetime and so at My Property Claim we fully understand that you may not be an expert in handling an insurance claim yourself. We also understand that you may already be very busy and so may not have the time needed to focus on everything needing your attention and the issues that may crop up along the way.

Our Claim Concierge service exists to help you and ease the pain by handling all aspects of your claim, including negotiation of a complete scope of repairs and fair settlement on your behalf with your insurance company representative and so reduce much of the stress and hassle.

We survey your property using non destructive techniques such as thermal imaging, endoscopy and moisture mapping to identify detectable damage and proximate cause and provide a report including details of recommended mitigation and reinstatement work. We can also arrange for any asbestos surveys or testing to be carried out if needed. At this point we can then discuss and arrange with your insurer any urgent mitigation actions that may be required to reduce the impact of the claim event to you, your family, your property and your business.

Remember a loss adjuster is appointed by your insurer to protect their interests. While you may hope they would be totally impartial when validating your claim, we believe it makes more sense to have someone working on your side to protect your interest during such a stressful time.

If you authorise us to handle your claim, then we can take care of all communication and correspondence with your insurer and their loss adjuster from that point. We can negotiate the validity and scope of your claim including what we believe to be a fair settlement for the reinstatement of your property.

At My Property Claim, we don’t expect you to be a building expert or know what is wrong and what will be needed to fix the issues. We don’t even expect you to know any building experts or trades let alone any that you trust. We certainly don’t expect you to find them and vet them and therefore be responsible for the outcome. We will take the time to understand your requirements and preferences and then introduce our approved suppliers, experts and trades so that we can develop a complete set of project requirements and delivery schedules to match your requirements and preferences.

Once the agreed work starts, then we monitor progress and quality all through the project until completion and final signoff. You, as the customer, will be kept fully informed of progress and you will also be fully involved in the final checks and signoff.