Most frequent questions and answers

We represent you the policyholder and so take care of your interests to achieve a full and fair outcome.

Our personalised claim support service is free when our introduced team of professionals and network of trades are used to carry out the authorised work and your only outlay will be any applicable policy excess stated in your insurance policy.

If you prefer to take a cash settlement and arrange all repairs yourself, then we may charge a handling fee, which we will agree with you prior to us engaging with your insurer.

However, if we are unable to reach a settlement with your insurer, then no fees will be charged other than for any private works that you request us to carry out, which may include any urgent mitigation actions undertaken on your behalf that your insurer refuses to cover.

If you authorise us to manage everything on you behalf by signing the Letter of Authority mandate, then we can then take care of all future calls and correspondence on your behalf from that point onwards.

After registering your claim, your insurer or loss adjuster may ask you to find contractors and provide possibly two quotes for the repairs needed. However, this does not sound like treating the customer fairly to us. Why should you be expected to accurately assess the damage including hidden problems plus associated risks and then find the reputable and suitable qualified companies to quote?

Your property may contain asbestos or require specialist drying out to be completed prior to starting any reinstatement work.

Complex claims including fire and water damage require specialist firms who understand how to handle the risks and hazards associated with these types of claims. There may be fire and smoke residues or sewage contamination from floods and escapes of water. The health and safety of everyone involved should always be a number one priority.

We will work with the loss adjuster and provide them with detailed schedules for all work required including costs and so you should not need to do any of this once we have been authorised to manage everything.